Single Electrics: (12n)

7 pin socket, black in colour & standard UK for trailers.
The socket includes all electrical connections to use with a standard lighting board. Used for towing all kinds of trailers or adding cycl­e carriers where a light board is required.

Suitable for: Trailers – Horse Box’s – Cycle Carriers – Caravans & Trailer Tents (where charging facilty not required)

Twin/Dual Electrics: (12n & 12s)

2 x 7 pin sockets, black & grey in colour. Comprises of the 12n socket plus 12s socket.
Used mainly for towing Caravans, or if a battery charging system is required on a trailer. Towbar twin wiring includes a ‘charge relay’ which keep fridges and leisure battery's in caravans topped up with charge whilst your vehicle is running.

Suitable for: Caravan & Trailer Tents, trailers with split charging systems (leisure battery’s)

13pin/Euro connection

13 pin socket, black in colour
A Euro socket includes all wiring combined within single & twin sockets.

Most caravans manufactured from 2007 come equipped with a Euro 13pin connection.

Suitable for: Caravans & Some European Cycle carriers (Thule in particular)